Aqui está uma BATALHA completamente diferente!

Segure-se, este lançamento é PODEROSO! Desafie jogadores do mundo todo, e consiga as unidades mais fortes do mundo.

Prepare-se para …….. DOMINAR O MUNDO!

If you look at your game interface, you’ll notice a whole new score waiting for you up at the top of your screen—your Dominance score!

As World Domination rolls out, every player will be assigned a Dominance score based on their level. The maximum possible Dominance rank is currently 100, but even level 75 players won’t be assigned a Dominance rank higher than 50. There’s plenty of room to grow.

Based on your Dominance rank, you’ll unlock brand new units—the strongest available anywhere in the game!

You unlock new units as you advance in Dominance rank. These are unlocks, not single units—once you’ve unlocked a new unit you’ll be able to buy it with normal resources. You can use Empire Points to unlock the next rank of unit above what you currently have access to, but you can never unlock more than one level above what you’ve earned with your Dominance rank!

World Domination Battles

How do you increase your Dominance rank? By fighting in World Domination Battles, of course!

In the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, you’ll see a brand new menu you’ve never seen before. This will take you to the World Domination screen!

Challenging an Opponent

As soon as you go to the World Domination screen, you can open the Global tab and start attacking!

You’ll automatically be matched up with other players who have a roughly similar Dominance rank as you, so the fights will offer a challenge. When you defeat an enemy, your Dominance points will increase. You’ll get more points for challenging someone who has a higher Dominance rank than you, and fewer for picking on someone with a lower Dominance rank.

Here’s the trick: When you challenge an enemy, you won’t know what his Defense Force is!

You’re going to have to choose a powerful, well-rounded force that can take on all comers—because you won’t know what you’re up against until the battle starts! As soon as you’ve chosen your forces and the battle begins, the enemy forces will be revealed.

The size of the force you can bring to the battle is dependent on your Dominance rank! Your invading force has a maximum strength limit—the combined total strength of all of your units can’t exceed a certain number. This number increases as your Dominance rank goes up. Choose your units carefully!

You can retreat from the battle, and even try again later—but if you do, you’ll suffer a Dominance penalty—so be careful. You can even taunt the players directly after the fight!

Defense Forces

Once you’ve started playing World Domination battles, you’re going to want to set up a Defense Force! This is the group of units that your enemies will face when they try and attack you. Make sure you create a force that can defend your Empire against all types of attacks!

When an enemy challenges your Defense Force and wins, you will lose a small number of Dominance points. Don’t worry though—you’ll never lose enough Dominance points to lower your Dominance rank. Once you unlock a unit with Dominance, it’s yours permanently.

Just like when you’re attacking, the total strength of your Defense Force is limited by your Dominance Rank. The higher your Dominance Rank, the higher a total strength your Defense Force can have!


When a player challenges you in World Domination and wins, that player gets added to your Rivals List. When that player is your Rival, you get extra Dominance for challenging them in return!

You can also go back through your conversation history using this button: 

There’s one more cool thing you can do on your Rivals page—you can add someone to the Hit List!

Just press this button: 

When you do, you’ll post a feed to your Facebook wall. Anyone who clicks on that feed will automatically have your Rival added to their Rivals list, so they get extra Dominance for attacking them too!

So there you have it, soldiers! It’s a whole new way of fighting, with more complicated strategy and more decisions to make. It’s a whole new way of earning the best units, and building them with coins and resources. And most of all, it’s a whole new way to play with other E&A fans. 

This feature is on slow roll-out, so if you don’t have it yet, please be patient!



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